UA-53645469-1 Mid-Century Architecture in Memphis with Aften Locken
Memphis Type History: The Podcast

Mid-Century Architecture in Memphis with Aften Locken

June 25, 2017

In this episode of Memphis Type History: The Podcast, Caitlin talks to Aften Locken, the face behind one of her favorite Memphis Instagram feeds – @midcenturymemphis.

Aften takes us back to the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s – very important in understanding mid-century modern architecture. Then, she schools us on how to recognize key aspects of these structures… Here’s a hint: Does it look like it’s from The Jetsons? It’s probably mid-mod!

Some of her favorites in Memphis from each decade include many of our favorite barbecue joints, the Lorraine Motel, the Memphis College of Art, the Memphis airport, the Cossitt Library, Regions Bank on Lamar Ave, and Visible Music College in downtown Memphis.

Aften also regales us with a story of jukebox distributors Sammons-Pennington located at 440 Madison Avenue (now home to Holiday Flowers’ events location).

Finally, we wrap up with tips for becoming architectural explorers in Memphis. The full “Day of Mid-Mod in Memphis” itinerary can be found on Patreon at (become a patron for access!)

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