UA-53645469-1 Barboro Alley and Sam Cooper Boulevard
Memphis Type History: The Podcast

Barboro Alley and Sam Cooper Boulevard

June 11, 2017

In this episode of Memphis Type History: The Podcast, I tell Rebecca all about one of my favorite alleys of Downtown Memphis. Rebecca then tells me the history behind Sam Cooper Boulevard.

Barboro Alley is a charming alleyway with a long history that includes undertakers, groceries, ice, and (like most things in Memphis) the Yellow Fever epidemic.

Rebecca then shares some fun facts about Cooper Street, which has nothing to do with Sam Cooper Boulevard.

Sam Cooper Boulevard’s namesake was an integral part of Memphis history. We discuss everything Sam Cooper did to progress projects in Memphis like St. Jude and more.

Finally, Rebecca wraps up the show with some useful information about a guy who has nothing to do with Memphis, signs, or typography.

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