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Memphis Type History: The Podcast

Memphis Type History 101

June 5, 2017

Memphis Type History is a project by Caitlin Horton and Rebecca Phillips. We collect your stories and search out the rumor and lore behind Memphis' greatest signs and best historical places.

The Memphis Type photography project began in 2010 with Jeremy Greene. His photos documenting the often-overlooked parts of Memphis intrigued Rebecca Phillips.

Rebecca painted the typography and signs from Jeremy’s photos for the Memphis Type Illustrated and Memphis Type Minis series. Painted layer by layer, each of these one-of-a-kind paintings has an “illustrated” look, like the postcards and ads of yesteryear.

The desire to capture the history of Memphis grew from photos and canvas to the written word when Caitlin L. Horton joined the team to write Memphis Type History: Signs and Stories from Just Around the Corner.

And now here we are kicking off Memphis Type History: The Podcast. We hope you enjoy listening in!

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